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Be the solution: join the Biochar CleanTech Accelerator

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Aston University and partners have pioneered an innovative technology that can convert organic materials into commercially valuable bioproducts. Will your Sandwell business join the Biochar CleanTech Accelerator and benefit from helping them take it to market?

The breakthrough from Aston University and local industrial leaders uses an innovative pyrolysis technology. (Pyrolysis is the breaking down of organic materials by subjecting them to very high temperatures and without oxygen. It yields energy-rich liquids and gases, and a solid substance known as biochar.)

Their new process can convert organic materials such as sawdust, fallen trees, agricultural straw, and dried chicken litter into these commercially valuable bioproducts, including biochar, gases and liquids.

Low-carbon solutions offer growth opportunities

Now, the Energy & Bioproducts Research Institute and the Centre for the Circular Economy and Advanced Sustainability at Aston University are looking for partners to commercialise biochar and related bioproducts. They’re inviting West Midlands companies to join a new business accelerator programme designed to develop new low-carbon products such as:

  • Low-carbon fuel for boilers and engines
  • Soil conditioners and products for improved plant, tree and animal health
  • Biochar for carbon capture and credits
  • Biochar for water treatment and odour control
  • Biochar for building and composite material
  • Bioliquids for low carbon weedkiller, fungicide and plant growth enhancer.

Join the Biochar CleanTech Accelerator

Led by Aston University, the Biochar CleanTech Accelerator is a business growth programme offering you a pathway to:

  • Technological advancements that set your business apart
  • Skill and knowledge enrichment to navigate the evolving landscape
  • Strategic networking and supply chain collaborations
  • Access to diverse funding sources for growth
  • Expanding into new market opportunities.

To find out more about this opportunity, visit Aston University’s Biochar CleanTech Accelerator page.

See also the Clean Futures Accelerator Programme. This and the Biochar CleanTech Accelerator are part of the wider West Midlands Innovation Accelerator – a £100m growth-focused partnership between our region and central government.  

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