Sandwell Enterprise Programme

Sandwell Enterprise Programme

Get your business off to a flying start with the Sandwell Enterprise Programme – a support scheme for new entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Get ready to launch your business, or supercharge your start-up. The new Sandwell Enterprise Programme gives you expert guidance and resources that will make all the difference to your success. We’re working with business consultancy Aspire4U to help you navigate through the start-up phase.

The Sandwell Enterprise Programme offers: 

One-to-one support: To help you develop a healthy business mindset and confidence. You can access this online or face to face.

Group sessions: You can learn alongside others, collaborate, inspire and be inspired, and grow your local business network.

Who is the programme for?

People who are setting up or who have recently set up a business in Sandwell (within the past two years).

Why are you offering this?

Sandwell Council recognises that successful businesses are key to creating and sustaining jobs, raising aspirations, nurturing skills and generating wealth for our region. We want our local businesses to thrive and grow, raising local people and communities up with you. It’s one of our priorities as your local authority.

We believe the Sandwell Enterprise Programme will be a huge lift to you and your new business. Our Sandwell Business Growth Team will be here at every stage to share your success stories, listen to your feedback, and signpost you to other valuable resources.

Who are the experts behind the Sandwell Enterprise Programme?

Aspire4u is a community interest company based here in the West Midlands. It develops and delivers projects around mindset development, financial literacy, and employability. 

As a social enterprise, Aspire4u understands how to apply business principles for community benefit. The team finds out what works first hand, then brings its learnings to people.

Aspire4u has worked with local authorities to provide enterprise support and training to small businesses. From business planning, to income generation, the team takes time to understand your needs and help you overcome your barriers. 

How much does it cost?

We have secured funding from the UK Prosperity Fund to unlock this expert support for our local business community. Therefore, you can take part in the Sandwell Enterprise Programme at no cost to you or your new Sandwell-based business.

How will it work?

The Sandwell Enterprise Programme consists of two pathways:

1. One-to-one support where you will have a minimum of two hours of support, online or face to face. Through this, you can get help to develop a business plan, register your business and attain a business bank account.

2. An intense course, covering:

  • Foundational business planning (a step-by-step process for crafting an effective business plan, giving you a clear roadmap for your entrepreneurial journey)
  • Risk management (strategies and tools to identify, assess and mitigate potential challenges that might come your way)
  • Operational essentials (the ‘nuts and bolts’ of running a business smoothly, from HR basics to supply chain management)
  • Financial literacy (essential financial concepts – including budgeting, financial forecasting and cashflow management).

Aspire4u will deliver the intense course face to face (at the Sandwell Start-Up Hub), with some online catch-up sessions. Along the way, you’ll meet guest speakers, get networking opportunities and benefit from experiential learning. You can also work in dedicated space at the Sandwell Start-Up Hub.

How do I sign up?

Join us today and become a part of a thriving network of local entrepreneurs and start-up business leaders who will be the future of business in region.

Complete our contact form to express your interest (please put ‘Sandwell Enterprise Programme’ as your subject and tick the box to show your consent for us to share your details with our trusted partners):