CSR and social value

CSR and social value CSR and social value

Businesses can give back to the community in many ways – perhaps by donating to a cause, offering work ‘in kind’ or sponsoring an event.

Corporate social responsibility and social value can boost team spirit, develop skills and customer loyalty, and even help you win contracts. 

Social value and Sandwell Council

Did you know … when Sandwell Council officers award contracts they are considering more than just the financial transaction? They’re looking for suppliers who will go beyond their basic contract terms to secure wider benefits for the local community. We call this delivering ‘social value’.

Sandwell Council has adopted the definition of social value as set out by the government’s Sustainable Procurement Task Force. It is:

“a process whereby organisations meet their needs for goods, services, works and utilities in a way that achieves value for money on a whole life basis in terms of generating benefits not only to the organisation, but also to society and the economy, whilst minimising damage to the environment”.

The four pillars of social value in Sandwell

1. Employment and skills

Creating employment opportunities for local people through jobs, work experience, trials, apprenticeships and T-levels.

2. School/college and community engagement
Giving support, guidance, time or resources to non-corporate organisations such as schools, colleges, community groups and charities in the borough.

3. Local spend
Investing money in the area – by subcontracting locally or using local suppliers; by investing in buildings and spaces.

4. Environmental impact
Bringing environmental benefits by reducing, reusing or recycling physical resources; reducing carbon output; reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill: reducing energy consumption.

When your business wins a contract with Sandwell Council, our Social Value team will support you (alongside our colleagues working in employment and skills) to create a Social Value Delivery Plan – incorporating other national TOMs (themes, outcomes and measures) if needed. We will also work closely with SCVO (Sandwell Council of Community and Voluntary Organisations) to identify suitable volunteering opportunities for you and your team. Ask us about our ‘Adopt a school’ initiative and other ways you can work with the local community.

Together we can bring your Social Value Delivery Plan into being and celebrate its positive outcomes – including with publicity where appropriate. These outcomes will be great for you to highlight in future tenders.

Further reading

Download Sandwell Council’s Social Value Policy
Download Sandwell Council’s Social Value Policy Toolkit Learn how we, as a council, strive to deliver social value through our commissioning and procurement activities

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