Apprenticeships in Sandwell

Apprenticeships in Sandwell

Give a local person a step up in their career – and gain a skilled team member for your Sandwell organisation.

We support your business and your apprentice throughout the apprenticeship process – including with grants and incentives where available. Here’s where you can learn about apprenticeships in Sandwell.

What are apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are high-quality training programmes leading to nationally recognised qualifications. An apprentice does on-the-job work experience with their employer. They also have one or two days every week reserved for classroom-based learning with a college, university or training provider. Apprenticeships come in a multitude of disciplines, including business administration, carpentry, construction, engineering, hairdressing, hospitality, marketing, plumbing and many more.

For a business, offering an apprenticeship in Sandwell is a way of investing in your future. You can train an employee to have the skills that are exactly right for your industry, in a cost-effective way. In the meantime, you are also fostering a culture of development and learning in your workplace. Government funding is often available to pay almost all of the training costs.

How the Think Sandwell Employment and Skills Team will help you

The Think Sandwell Area Employment Team at Sandwell Council is keen to address skills gaps in our region by matching Sandwell employers with local people who are keen to develop themselves. The team is represented in the Apprenticeships Ambassador Network West Midlands, striving to widen access to apprenticeships by supporting employers to offer them.  In 2022, the team won the Ladder for the Black Country’s ‘Large Employer of the Year’ award for Sandwell Council’s apprenticeship scheme. This skilled and knowledgeable team is here to give your Sandwell business tailored support in recruiting and training an apprentice – including advice on available funding.