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Community centre car park: making life easier

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Fitzgerald Contractors worked with North Smethwick Development Trust (NSDT) to renovate the car park at the Brasshouse Community Centre.

The car park at the community centre on Brasshouse Lane in Smethwick was in need of renovation. It was covered in potholes, and had no designated parking spaces. This had been causing problems for staff and visitors for many years.

A localised approach

When carrying out social value projects, Fitzgerald always looks to support something specific and unique to the community it is working in. After discussions, Sandwell Council’s Social Value Team put Fitzgerald in touch with NSDT, which manages the Brasshouse Community Centre. 

Steve Jones, Fitzgerald’s contract manager, made an initial site visit, and work began at the end of June. By Monday 1 July the car park was pothole-free and marked up with clear parking spaces.

Benefits to the whole community

Jennifer Harrison, chief executive of NSDT, said: “I want to give a big thank you to all involved. We are extremely grateful to Fitzgerald Contractors and Sandwell Council’s social value team working together to make this happen. The new look car park will maximise our space to avoid parking issues in the surrounding area. It will make life a little easier for all our visitors and neighbours in the future.”

Steve Jones said: “It’s been a pleasure to work on this project. We always like to construct a great outcome and obviously bring a greater benefit to the people and communities we work with.”

Can your business help renovate community facilities?

Our Sandwell Business Growth Team can help match you with a local partner to help make a big difference in the borough.

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