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'Expert guidance and resources': supporting Eighty3 Creative with growth ambitions

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A Sandwell-based marketing agency found great value in attending our Sandwell Business Boost programme for ambitious entrepreneurs.

About Eighty3 Creative

Eighty3 Creative is a marketing agency offering a wide range of online and offline solutions. These include search engine optimisation, pay-per-click, social media management, brochure design, websites, branding and logo creation, branding workshops, exhibition graphics, printed literature and email marketing.

Directors Amie Whale and Craig Slater [pictured above] set up Eighty3 Creative in November 2008. They have known each other since they were sixteen, going to college together and then Staffordshire University. They worked for different design agencies after graduating, before Craig joined Amie’s agency. Eventually, they decided to start their own business.

Craig said: “Our main reason for doing this was being able to work on the projects we wanted to work on, with people we chose to work with”.

‘An increase in turnover, profit and enquiries’

Eighty3 Creative has been based in different places: a business incubation space at Wolverhampton Science Park, which it soon outgrew, various offices in the same complex, and a semi-rural location in Wombourne. That’s before a successful move to Burnt Tree in June 2023.

“We target manufacturers and felt our market was back in the Black Country,” said Craig, explaining why he and Amie moved the business to its Sandwell location.

“Since the move to Sandwell we have seen an increase in turnover, profit and enquiries. We love dealing with other businesses in the area, and 90 per cent of our clients are within a ten-mile radius”.

Brochures and business cards with Eighty3Creative branding
Eighty3 Creative’s own branding

‘Enabled us to effectively engage with our target audience’

We (the Sandwell Business Growth Team) welcomed Eighty3 Creative onto Sandwell Business Boost in 2023. This was our specialist programme to give ambitious local businesses access to expert guidance and resources to support their growth. The UK Shared Prosperity Fund made it possible.

An experienced business consultancy delivered the sessions.

Craig told us: “As part of the scheme we had help with HR: job adverts, contracts and interview prep. We also benefited greatly from our business coach, whose expertise lies in transforming manufacturing businesses. His background resonated with our target market, making him an ideal choice. His guidance helped with technical aspects and industry terminology, enabling us to effectively engage with our target audience.

“The coaching not only assisted us in implementing crucial business systems but it has also played a pivotal role in us developing a new website tailored specifically for manufacturers, set to launch soon.

“He was instrumental in mapping out the customer journey and facilitating insightful site visits with industry contacts. These visits have provided invaluable opportunities to address industry concerns and identify how we can offer meaningful solutions.

“The programme has been fantastic and incredibly enjoyable. We just wish it could have lasted longer.”

At the time of publication (May 2024), Eighty3 Creative is looking to grow its team and give someone a step up in their career by employing a digital marketing apprentice.

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