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An asset to our team: supporting an apprentice at Sandwell Council

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Our Business Growth Team is delighted to have Marketing and Communications Apprentice Ethan Bailey working with us. Here’s why he’s an asset to our team – and why apprenticeships in general are so important.

About Ethan Bailey

Ethan Bailey joined Sandwell Council as a Marketing and Communications Apprentice in November 2022, after he completed his GCSEs. He works for our Business Growth Team full time, with 20 per cent ‘off the job’ hours dedicated to college study and a three-hour seminar every other week. In a short time, Ethan has become integral to our team, carrying out everything from social media and email marketing to graphic design.

Why and how Sandwell Council is supporting Ethan

We are committed to giving tomorrow’s workforce meaningful employment, with real-world experience and clear opportunities for career advancement.

Taking on an apprentice is also a way for the Business Growth Team at Sandwell Council to grow its talent pool, by training and developing a young person to exactly meet the needs of our department.

We have Ethan working for us in house and remotely. Our team supports him in his learning, alongside a marketing associate who collaborates with us. Ethan is engaged in practical assignments, such as writing­­ and publishing stories for our website, as well as creating branding and marketing materials for our Sandwell Start-Up Hub.

“I’ve gained new skills and knowledge”­

Ethan said his experience so far has been incredibly rewarding.

“As a young person interested in marketing, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in this field. That’s when I discovered the benefits of becoming an apprentice. An apprenticeship offered me the opportunity to gain qualifications, relevant work experience, and earn money, all while advancing my career faster than traditional college pathways.

“My experience as an apprentice so far has been incredibly rewarding, and I’ve gained new skills and knowledge in a variety of different areas. The key improvements I’ve noticed have been in my copywriting and graphic design skills, which I’ve been able to develop through the many opportunities provided by my apprenticeship. Additionally, my communication skills have improved significantly since I started, something I wasn’t confident in before. Everyone at the council where I’m an apprentice has been very supportive and understanding.

“The personal growth that I’m experiencing as an apprentice is invaluable, especially when considering the impact it will have on my future. By the time my apprenticeship is over, I’ll have a Level 3 marketing qualification and two years of work experience in my chosen career field. This will undoubtedly benefit me when it comes time to apply for jobs or pursue further education.

“Overall, I believe that if you are confident in the career path you want to take, then an apprenticeship is definitely worth considering. It provides the opportunity to gain skills, knowledge, and experience in a real-world setting, which can ultimately benefit you in the long run.”

“We are learning things from Ethan too”

Nicy Morgan is our Sandwell Anchor Network Coordinator and Ethan’s line manager here at the council. She said Ethan has hit the ground running as an apprentice.

“When we interviewed Ethan for the role of ­­Marketing and Communications Apprentice, we knew he had the aptitude to develop himself, his skills and knowledge to achieve his Level 3 Apprenticeship and, in turn, expand the skills and knowledge of our team.

“In this time of rapid technological advancement, it’s brilliant having a bright young person on board – we are definitely learning things from Ethan too.

“Ethan has surpassed all our expectations – and our expectations were high! He is part of our team and delivering design work that we would be proud of from a graduate.

“The future is bright for Ethan and I’m glad Sandwell Council has been able to give him this springboard.”

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