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Congratulations to TopLabs Prosthetics for securing Oldbury site

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TopLabs Prosthetics has acquired the 45,000 sq. ft. lab it was renting in Oldbury, enhancing its operations and creating new jobs.

We’re glad to hear via Insider Media that TopLabs Prosthetics, a leading dental prosthetics manufacturer, has significantly enhanced its operations by acquiring the 45,000 sq. ft. laboratory in Oldbury that it had been leasing since 2019.

Thanks to a £146,000 commercial mortgage from HSBC UK, this investment will allow TopLabs to refurbish and customise the lab, produce 10,000 more dentures per year and take on more contracts.

Creating new jobs in Sandwell

The expansion of TopLabs Prosthetics is not only a significant step for the company but also a boost for the local economy. By adding six new technician positions to its 30-strong existing staff, TopLabs is contributing to job creation and economic growth in the Sandwell area.

Well done to the team!

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