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Free health checks in Sandwell

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This January, Sandwell Council in partnership with Randox Health is helping Sandwell residents get the best possible start to the year by providing diagnostic NHS health checks. 

The health checks include testing for diabetes, heart and kidney disease, and hypertension. Sandwell Council and partners will offer them to residents aged between 40 and 74 (who have not previously suffered coronary heart disease, strokes, diabetes, or kidney disease).

Over the next few weeks those eligible will receive letters inviting them to the twenty-minute NHS health check. Look out for the joint branding from Randox, Healthy Sandwell and the NHS.

The tests and clinics will take place in Sandwell and, if convenient, in Birmingham. At the Birmingham clinic, people can have additional free body composition analysis health checks. GPs will receive the results for review and inclusion on patient medical records.

The testing programme will enable prevention and mitigation through the early identification of serious illnesses. It will also allow lifestyle modification on issues including smoking, alcohol, and weight management. 

The partnership between Sandwell Council and Randox Health also includes a limited number of free three-month gym memberships.

Let’s all stay fit and healthy in 2024

Sandwell Council’s cabinet member for adults, social care and health Councillor Suzanne Hartwell said: “The good health of our residents has always been a priority for the Council. This initiative will have a significant and beneficial impact on the health and longevity of thousands of people living in the area. It will enable those at high risk to take medical and lifestyle steps to prevent illnesses which could, if not detected early, shorten, or change lives.”

David Ferguson is the chief operating officer for Randox Health. David said: “Randox is delighted to be part of this joint initiative with Sandwell Council’s public health team. It has long been our belief that early diagnostic health testing delivers better outcomes for individuals. It relieves the pressure on our NHS by enabling lifestyle change and medical intervention. This, in turn, prevents or mitigates illnesses which would otherwise require intense long-term treatment.”

To check your eligibility and book an appointment visit the Randox website.

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