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Celebrating 25 years of SCVO: join the AGM

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Sandwell Council of Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) has been supporting voluntary and community groups in Sandwell for 25 years.

You’re invited to join in the celebration at its annual general meeting (AGM) in October.

SCVO has invited all its members, as well as voluntary and community sector organisations, stakeholders and strategic partners, to its AGM on Thursday 5 October. You can celebrate SCVO’s milestone anniversary by sharing your organisation’s own milestones.

SCVO is a charity which supports community groups, charities, not-for-profit businesses, faith organisations and social enterprises in Sandwell. Its vision is that the lives of people in Sandwell will be happier and healthier through having a strong voluntary and community sector.

Connecting, enabling, transforming

SCVO aims to bring organisations together to raise the quality and range of services, influence policy locally and nationally, support the development and growth of community organisations, and ensure all residents have access to the support they need.

The AGM is on Thursday 5 October at Portway Lifestyle Centre in Oldbury, from 10am to 12.30pm. For your free ticket, visit the AGM Eventbrite page. Please note – there will be cake!

Share your milestones with SCVO

At its AGM, SCVO will display a timeline of the last 25 years (1998 – 2023), highlighting milestones and key achievements from SCVO.  The team invites you to share things that have been significant for your organisation over that same period, too. For example: when your organisation started or key developments, major changes, highlights, awards and successes. 

If you’d like to share anything, please email Leona Bird (leona@scvo.info) by Friday 15 September, with:

  • The year
  • The achievement, milestone or highlight you would like to capture – in no more than ten words
  • Any images/photos/press cuttings to go along with the achievement.

You can send Leona as many achievements as you’d like, but please limit them to three in any given year.

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