Sandwell Start-Up Hub FAQs

Sandwell Start-Up Hub FAQs

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or are you growing a business in Sandwell?

You can come and work from the Sandwell Start-Up Hub – a welcoming working space in Oldbury.

Below are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions about the Sandwell Start-Up Hub.

Eligibility and bookings

Am I eligible to use the Sandwell Start-Up Hub?

To reserve a space, you must be from a start-up business (trading for less than two years) registered in Sandwell or an entrepreneur registered in Sandwell. Kindly complete our registration form. You will also need to submit photo ID for security verification.

Once you have booked your place, you will receive a confirmation email.

What if multiple people from our start-up want to use the Hub?

If your start-up has multiple individuals, that’s OK! Each person must fill in the registration form and provide photo ID. Please ensure that you make separate bookings for each person.

Can we invite guests or clients to the Hub?

Yes. If you are inviting guests for appointments, training or workshops and so on, please ensure they complete the guest sign-in sheet. It is your responsibility to oversee this process and you will be accountable for their attendance.

How often can I book?

You can reserve your desk on a day-to-day basis. Always book at least 24 hours in advance, though, as you cannot book a desk on the same day you wish to attend.

Please note that not turning up may put your future bookings at risk.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes – you can cancel bookings by accessing your MySandwell account. Simply follow the link provided in your confirmation email.

We review our bookings each week. If you are regularly booking desks and not using them, this may put your future bookings at risk. We may email, text or phone to check your attendance.

Access and arrival

Where is the Hub?

The Sandwell Start-Up Hub is on the second floor of Jack Judge House (B69 2AJ). This is the former Oldbury library building, opposite Sandwell Council House.

What are the opening times?

The building opens at 9am and closes at 5pm from Monday to Friday, apart from on bank holidays and where closures are imposed by Sandwell Council. The Sandwell Start Up-Hub is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Where is the nearest parking facility?

The closest parking facility is at Sainsbury’s (Freeth Street, Oldbury B69 3DB). You can park there for free for three hours. If you wish to stay longer, use Horizon Parking to book your space. Here are details of more pay-and-display parking facilities nearby.

Once I book a desk, can I come in any time?

If you wish to use any of the spaces within the Sandwell Start-Up Hub, please book and sign in between 9am and 3.30pm. The building will close at 5pm and you must have vacated the premises by that time.

How do I get into the Hub?

Go around the back of Jack Judge House and buzz for someone to let you in. To use the stairs, follow the signs going up to the second floor. Or, on the left on the ground floor, there’s a lift that will take you to the second floor.

Facilities: workspace

Tell me about the desks and chairs.

Your designated area includes a desk and a chair that can be adjusted to suit your needs while you work. The desk dimensions are approximately: width – 80cm, length – 160cm and height – 70cm.

There are power sockets in case you need to charge any devices.

Can I access the internet?

Of course! You will get the WiFi password when you arrive and a member of our team can help you connect if you need help.

Are printers available?

There are no printing services at the Sandwell Start-Up Hub. However, you can utilise printing facilities at the library, which is in Sandwell Council House just opposite. Find out more about library services.

Facilities: meeting and event space

Can I book a meeting room or event space?

Yes. The Sandwell Start-Up Hub has five meeting rooms.

Green 1 can seat two people.
Green 3, Green 4 and Green 5 are for approximately four to six people.

You can book these at no cost.

The boardroom (Green 2) can seat approximately 20 – 45 people, subject to room layout.

We also have an Event Zone.

Both Green 2 and the Event Zone have a booking fee. The rates are £18 per hour, £45 for half a day, and £70 for a full day.

This fee covers both Green 2 (the boardroom) and event zone. If you’ve booked both the boardroom and event zone and would like to cancel the booking, you must provide at least two working days’ notice to be eligible for a refund.

Facilities: kitchen and dining

Are there kitchen and dining facilities?

Yes – with places to sit.

Can I heat my lunch?

We have two microwaves. One is for vegetarian food only, while the other is for meat-based meals. Please use the appropriate microwave to maintain separation between vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. Leave everything clean after you use it.

Is there a kettle?

We have a filtered tap offering both cold and kettle-hot water. Feel free to use this facility to make drinks, or for meals that require hot water.

Where can I put my food and drinks?

If you need to store your lunch or any other items, we have a fridge and cupboards. Please make sure you label anything that belongs to you and do take it home with you when you leave.

Do you provide tea, coffee and milk?

No, but feel free to bring your own supplies. Kindly remember to take your belongings with you when you leave. To keep the Hub tidy, we have to dispose of any items that are left behind.

Facilities: other

What other facilities are there?

The Sandwell Start-Up Hub also has a:

Collaboration Zone
Where entrepreneurs can engage in meaningful networking and spark collaborations.

Quiet Zone
For focused work, allowing you to immerse yourself in your tasks without distraction for maximum productivity.

Tell me about the toilets.

The Sandwell Start-Up Hub has separate men’s toilets, women’s toilets and accessible toilets.

Sandwell Start-Up Hub terms and conditions Please download and read

If you have questions not answered here, email Or you can phone 07379 062895.

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