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TSBN (Trading Standards Business News) is here for spring 2024 – a digital magazine covering trading standards news for businesses in our region. CenTSA, the organisation that publishes it, also has a survey for you and an offer of inclusion in the magazine.

CEnTSA stands for Central England Trading Standards Authorities. It’s a collaboration between fourteen trading standards services from local authorities across the West Midlands – including Sandwell Council.

CEnTSA’s spring 2024 edition of TSBN covers a wide range of topics, including new penalties for animal welfare offences, changes to food labelling, the dangers of importing sweets from the US, and updates on workers’ rights.

Get featured in TSBN

CenTSA has asked us to tell you about an opportunity for West Midlands business owners to contribute to the magazine. There are two slots available each quarter for relevant articles. If accepted, your piece would include your name, business name, and photo or logo, bringing valuable exposure as well as a chance to contribute useful information to readers.

Perhaps you have a specialist area of expertise to convey, or you’ve overcome a unique compliance hurdle that you’d like to share with others? Email centsa@warwickshire.gov.uk if you’re interested in writing a piece.

How can trading standards support you better?

CenTSA is also looking to understand the needs of your business and how trading standards authorities in the West Midlands region can better engage with you.

Here are eighteen simple questions that should take less than four minutes to answer – can you help?

About the Trading Standards Team at Sandwell Council

Sandwell Council’s Trading Standards Team uses a national intelligence-led approach to tackling problems such as illegal cigarettes, overcharging, mis-labelled food and counterfeit goods. By stopping rogue traders they instil the public’s confidence in our thousands of reputable Sandwell businesses.

They are also here to help credible businesses operate legally and fairly.

Have a look at our trading standards page for information about their support:

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