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Two programmes to elevate local businesses

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Sandwell and Wolverhampton entrepreneurs have an opportunity on their doorstep. Sweda is facilitating two innovative programmes designed to elevate your business. West Midlands Social Enterprise Boost Fund (SEBFWestMids) has funded these programmes.

FUSE Start-Up Programme

For those embarking on the journey of establishing a social enterprise, the FUSE Start-Up Programme offers hands-on hybrid support. The eligibility criteria is just being a resident of Wolverhampton or Sandwell who wants to start a business.

Key features of the programme include:

  • Practical masterclasses: Engaging sessions on business mindsets, confidence building, social value creation, sustainable business models, finance, funding, and digital marketing
  • Community engagement: Integration into a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs and industry experts
  • Grant opportunities: Successful completion may lead to eligibility for a grant, subject to terms and conditions
  • Live pitch-up event: A platform to showcase achievements and celebrate milestones.

Social Enterprise MOT Scale Up Programme

For social enterprises based in Sandwell or Wolverhampton, the Social Enterprise MOT Scale Up Programme presents a tailored pathway to expansion. To be eligible, businesses must have been trading for less than five years and possess an annual turnover of under £250K. This programme is designed to offer comprehensive assistance, including:

  • Individual diagnostic: An in-depth assessment covering vital areas of development specific to each enterprise
  • Online learning sessions: Four one-hour online sessions delving into crucial aspects such as business development, people management, leveraging social value, and governance
  • Surgery event: Access to expert advisors for personalised guidance
  • Community support: Integration into a supportive network of fellow social entrepreneurs and industry experts
  • Grant opportunities: Upon successful completion, participants may qualify for a grant, subject to terms and conditions
  • Bespoke business support: Tailored assistance to address individual business needs.

How to get involved

To seize these opportunities, visit SEBFWestMids.com or contact SWEDA directly via 0121 525 2558 or sweda@sweda.org.uk.

By Ethan Bailey.

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