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Sandwell business support in 2024

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Big things are happening in Sandwell this year. We’ve got a wide range of business support, guidance, networking and finance for companies both new and established. Here’s what’s going on …

Business support for start-ups

When Sandwell businesses thrive, they create jobs, raise aspirations, boost skills and generate wealth for our local economy. You’re Sandwell’s lifeblood – and so our Sandwell Business Growth Team is here to champion your business at every stage.

The Sandwell Business Growth Plan sets out Sandwell Council’s strategy for supporting businesses over the next two financial years. 

In 2024, we’re offering some amazing business support to help your dreams get lift-off.

Sandwell Enterprise Programme

This scheme is for people who are setting up a new business, or who have set one up in the last two years. In collaboration with business consultancy Aspire4U, it offers both group and one-to-one support, and is fully funded by the UK Prosperity Fund. 

‘Start Up in Sandwell’ grants

Businesses registered on the Sandwell Enterprise Programme are also eligible to apply for grants of up to £3K. This could help fund equipment, a website, leaflets, producing a new prototype, property refurbishment or improving systems and processes.

Learn about Start Up in Sandwell grants.

Business support for established companies

We’re going through some of the most difficult trading times ever. Our Sandwell business support extends to companies that have been around a while and would like an injection of knowledge, ideas or even finance to achieve their next stage of growth.

Sandwell Business Boost

Business consultancy Winning Moves is working with Sandwell Council to deliver this free programme of tailor-made support to help businesses maximise their growth potential. It is designed to help develop leadership skills and stronger relationships with clients, partners and employees. It is also a chance to build market insight, resilience and sustainability.

‘Grow in Sandwell’ grants

Grants of up to £20K are available for Sandwell SMEs that have been trading for over two years. The money can fund activities such as relocation, developing new market opportunities, promotion, capital investment and improving systems and processes.

Learn about Grow in Sandwell grants.

‘Net Zero in Sandwell’ grants

Achieving net zero carbon emissions is one of Sandwell Council’s seven economic priorities. Grants of up to £20K are available to help local businesses improve energy and resource efficiency through changing or updating things such as ventilation, heating, lighting, refrigeration, insulation and waste management.

Learn about Net Zero in Sandwell grants.

A banner to represent international trade showing a globe, planes taking off, container ships and lorries

International trade support

Sandwell Council has teamed up with experts at Falsum Consulting Ltd to provide one-to-one business support to companies with global trade ambitions.

If your business has been importing or exporting for at least a year, then you may be eligible for specialist advice, a customs review, and ongoing consultation.

We also have two international trade workshops coming up at the Sandwell Start-Up Hub in Oldbury, on Friday 12 January and Friday 22 February.

Support for all businesses

Sandwell Start-Up Hub

Nasteha, Helen and Carlene at the Sandwell Start-Up Hub launch - new co-working environment in Oldbury

Whether you’re new to business or highly experienced, you’re welcome to come and work from the Sandwell Start-Up Hub. It’s our supportive, innovative, co-working space in Jack Judge House in Oldbury (opposite Sandwell Council House), which offers free WiFi and networking opportunities).

Desks are free for start-up businesses for twelve months after they sign up*, with designated zones for collaboration and quiet working.

You can also hire space at the Sandwell Start-Up Hub for events. 

[*Free for twelve months following sign-up, and before March 2025.]

People to shout about how great you are

Sandwell Business Growth will be here throughout the year, writing news stories, promoting your successes and featuring local businesses through Made in Sandwell profiles. If you have something to celebrate, we’d love to hear from you at any time.

You can also follow us on X or LinkedIn for the latest news and updates.

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