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Finance for start-ups

Finance for start-ups

Starting a business venture in Sandwell?

Our experienced advisers will help you secure the right kind of finance for your business needs. Whether it’s a loan, equity or grant you need, our Business Growth Team gives practical support to help your start-up grow and thrive.

Grants to ‘Start Up in Sandwell’

Sandwell Council (with funding from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund) is taking applications from eligible start-up businesses to receive grants of up to £3,000. To qualify, you need to be registered on the Sandwell Enterprise Programme.

The grants are to fund costs that could include:

  • Business setup, such as office equipment
  • Developing new market opportunities (including IT and a website)
  • Promotional activities such as signage and leaflets.
  • Innovation (capital) – including the development of new products through prototyping, testing and commercialisation (but excluding research and development activities)
  • New or improving systems and processes (revenue)
  • Capital investment such as new plant, machinery, and equipment
  • Increasing productive capacity of new and existing premises through new property builds/refurbishment/extensions on a commercial property (capital).

You can find out more by downloading the grant policy:

How to apply: 'Start Up in Sandwell' Grants policy PDF will download in a new tab

Please note that where it says in the grant eligibility criteria that you should “Be registered on the Sandwell Start Up programme delivered by our partners”, this refers to the Sandwell Enterprise Programme.

If your business has been established for longer than two years, see our growth funding page for details of a ‘Grow in Sandwell’ grant.

Visit our Open4Business funding portal

Open4Business offers funding news and information for your start-up business, including a searchable database of current EU, government and council grants, loans, venture capital funds and tax credit programmes.

While it is tailored for Sandwell Business Growth, to support our borough’s businesses, please note that it is powered by Idox, a leading provider of software design for government. We are not in charge of the content. 

Still need support? Sandwell Council’s Business Growth Team will know if there is further funding currently available to new businesses. Here’s how to get in touch.

Our Business Growth Team is ready to help you achieve your ambitions.

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