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Skills Bootcamp in Manufacturing Efficiency: join this 16-week programme for free

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The Skills Bootcamp in Manufacturing Efficiency is a free sixteen-week programme to help you achieve profitable, sustainable growth for your business.

The Skills Bootcamp in Manufacturing Efficiency is for leaders in the West Midlands who want to upskill and optimise their organisation’s processes and output.

MTC Training is delivering the programme. Thanks to a partnership with Lloyds Bank, it will be free for the cohorts starting between now (September) and November 2023.

About the Skills Bootcamp

Through a blend of in-person classroom and online sessions, you will examine the strengths and challenges facing your manufacturing business. Experts will help you see how they impact your organisation’s ability to execute strategy and become more profitable.

You will also have personal development modules so you can enhance your leadership and management skills to further drive productivity.

About the commitment you need to make

MTC Training has made the learning programme flexible, to minimise disruption to your business. You or your employees can participate without needing to be absent from work too much.

You should expect to commit a total of 65-70 learning hours over the 16 weeks. Twenty-four hours of this will be during week five, delivered in a four-day block at the Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre in Coventry. You will spend a further ten hours learning at your own site, to coincide with your usual working pattern. MTC Training will direct your self-study element to the course, but you will have to manage your learning.

How to sign up

Find out more and sign up for the next round with MTC Training.

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