Licensing Licensing

Certain business activities in the hospitality and entertainment industries are licensable – meaning you need a licence to carry them out. This is an official permit issued by your local authority. 

Licensing may feel like yet another hurdle to overcome, but it’s good for business. It shows you and your wider industry are working safely and within the law, building trust from customers.

Sandwell Council’s General Licensing Team is here to help you get the licence you need. This could be:

* A personal licence for you to be a designated premises supervisor (DPS)
* A premises licence for the sale or supply of alcohol in premises in Sandwell – such as shops, pubs, clubs, restaurants or cinemas

It might be a licence for:

* Serving hot food and drinks between 11pm and 5am (a late night refreshments licence)
* Regulated entertainment such as live music and dance
* Sex establishments – such as sex shops, sex cinemas or sexual entertainment venues
* Gambling premises – for example, casinos, bingo halls, betting shops or arcades
* Small society lotteries
* House-to-house collections for charities
* Scrap metal collecting and scrap metal premises
* Temporary events or pop-up events.

You will find a full list of available licensing support and the relevant application forms on the main Sandwell Council website.

All the application forms come with guidance notes and ways to contact the General Licensing Team if you need further support. Reading these notes and following the instructions will help you get your licence processed quickly and efficiently.

If you need tailored support, it will be possible to make an appointment to speak to someone in person. 

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