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When running a business, it’s vital you understand and comply with trading standards.

Labelling food, selling age-restricted products, displaying weights and prices … these are all business activities that, without due care, can lead to expensive mistakes or even consumer harm.

Do it right and you’ll build trust from customers, boosting their satisfaction and your reputation.

Our Trading Standards Team looks for Sandwell businesses who are doing it wrong. They use a national intelligence-led approach to tackling problems such as illegal cigarettes, overcharging, mis-labelled food and counterfeit goods. By stopping rogue traders they instil the public’s confidence in our thousands of reputable Sandwell businesses.

Sandwell’s Trading Standards Team is also here to help you do business legally and fairly.

They suggest you visit the Business Services section of the Chartered Institute of Trading Standards (CITS) website for a raft of guidance and training suitable for all Sandwell businesses.

They also recommend Business Companion for free, impartial legal guidance for businesses.

While these resources are vast and valuable, there may be times when you need more hand holding. For in-depth advice, you can partner with our Trading Standards team in Sandwell.

You can apply for this support via the Primary Authority Register.

If you’re a consumer wishing to report a rogue trader (scams, counterfeit goods, illegal labelling and so on), see the Citizens Advice website on what to do. 

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